If you are looking for a specific lolicon 3D, videos, pictures, image sets, etc, you can make your request here (under this post). Just give us some information about it: title, description, etc and we’ll try to find or make and post it here, on Pure Loli!
Also, you can make an unspecific request. For example: “I want furry loli” or “3D video with schoolgirls”.
We always read all comments you wrote and happy to help you.


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  1. Ergin

    Mit was werden diese coolen Bilder erstellt??? Sehen alle hammermäsig feil aus.
    Mich würde sowas auch interessieren… mfg.

    1. Chicken

      u have any furry stuff ? with cat girls and stuff like that but than little girls

    2. Rikki

      Hätt nich gedacht das es hier auch deutsche gibt

  2. Roger

    Need more baby stuff if you know what I mean

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi! More Toddlercon coming soon stay tuned and enjoy the site.

      1. bamabandit

        would love to see more toddler stuff love it

  3. petesmalley

    more baby boys and girls

    1. LoliAdmin


  4. paul

    More gay

    1. loliadmin

      Hi! Pureloli dedicated only to lolicon and lolicon-shotacon content. For gay shota please visit

  5. John

    Please provide more video with good story and longer to enjoy…

    1. LoliAdmin

      More quality video coming soon

  6. 11111

    Please provide more lolicon and toddlercon video content. There is only a few of them.

  7. 4123

    You need more brother/sister content.

  8. H-Lover

    Could you add some more teenage stuff, please?

  9. Sam

    Hi, I’m looking for more of the darker side of Lolicon 3d. I have had a love of asphyxia for over forty years now and find great material in adult porn. But mixing my love for lolis and asphyxia is hard to find. Looking for asphyxia (strangled, smothered, drowned or hanged) with sex before, during or after. Can you help?

    1. Sam

      Never got a reply. Can no one help?

      1. LoliAdmin

        Hi. Look at the website works by tag “asphyxiation

  10. Ron

    More penis in panties as seen in Apr 19 pics by Sijimi-Jiru, with a mess left in them. Very bad Daddy’s do that.

  11. Watcher

    More lesbian toddlercon (g tods with mom)

    1. Watcher

      Something like Mom giving tod g a pee bath.

      Love to see idea, a bunch of tod gs on a playground with lots of moms around, all nude and some moms peeing on the tod g’s. maybe one of the moms could be peeing on a baby g in a stroller. A mom filling a sippy cup with her pee to feed to her tod g who is watching and wanting her drink.

      1. LoliAdmin

        Hi. Stay tuned and enjoy the site.

  12. paul

    More pregnant stuff. its been a while since the last good one

  13. John

    I would like more baby girls, baby bjs

  14. Me

    More videos

  15. Tox

    furry lolicons please

  16. Mavis

    Can you please add more peeing Loli’s?
    Thx for all this great stuff 😀

  17. jessie

    need more baby girl

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi. Got your request, stay tuned and enjoy the site.

  18. hud

    It’s possible to post more work from Machete01 in te near future ???

  19. FG

    Something about circumcision or boys being circumcised.

  20. Jake

    Sounds hot watcher but see no lesbian toddlercon (woman/girl) yet, 2nd the request, any chance of any being posted Admin?

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi. Cant promise about lesbian toddlercon due to its such a rare thing. But we will try to post something like this soon. Stay tuned and enjoy the site.

  21. hud

    Can you give more artwork from ” Machete01 ” ??? Please !!!

    1. LoliAdmin

      More of new Machete01 coming soon, stay tuned and enjoy the site! 🙂

      1. hud

        Thanks a lot !!!

  22. Jessie

    Need baby girl and daddy

  23. engy

    hey why can\t i download anything when i click on download they send me to another site saying the page you looking for isnt found
    pls help

  24. hud

    What about some new art from Machete01 ????

    1. hud

      I’ve find only 40 pics and nothing more !!! Plz help !

      1. hud

        I’m waiting…… least a reply , please …….and not only the last reply ” More of new Machete01 coming soon, stay tuned and enjoy the site! ” …….from 3 months ago …

        1. LoliAdmin

          Hi. No new works by machete01 are available at the moment, but it will be posted when it be ready.

  25. Drago

    Need more lolis with tanlines please. They are super hot with tanlines *-* .

  26. Dhr

    Has anyone done or is doing any toddlercon and lolicon games or sex simulators made to be seen in virtual reality head sets?

  27. Frank

    More from “Slim Dog” please!

  28. Frank

    Ghoulmaster has a series titled “Friday Night Punishment” that is HOT! Would like to see it here.

  29. Dhr

    Has anyone done or is doing any 3D toddlercon and lolicon games or sex simulators made to be seen in virtual reality headsets?

  30. Blackgrey01

    Daycare toddlercon please

  31. Frank

    Yes. Daycare toddlercon would be great.

  32. Dhr

    Please do a lot more 3D side by side; also if you don’t mind me asking, what software was used to make these 3D side by side images?

    Can 2D images be converted into real 3D side by side images?

    Pierre Lolicon 3D Pack. Only 3 images in – No-name. Author: Pierre

  33. Frank

    Monsieur Jacques “Friday Night Punishment” please!

  34. t

    “La-La Reproduction” by Feral Lemma (aka psycho/psychomato)

  35. Lolicon Lust

    I would like to see a videos about 10 mins long if possible about a toddler girl getting impregnated by her father while the camera view is set so we can see the bulge as well as see her stomach rising due to her womb filling up with her fathers seed . And next to them on a bed have the sister about 11 years old getting impregnated by her 6-7 year old brother.

    If this can be done and for a nice length ( 10 mins or so ) I would be more than happy to make a donation for making a personal request into a video described above . And i would also be eternally great full as i myself am a Hebephiliac and i also enjoy incest , bestiality , lolicon and more .

    Please contact me on [email protected] if anyone can possibly make a start to making this request a reality.
    Much love and respect for reading this and for having a beautiful website for all of us that enjoy having and looking at lolicon , family orgies , bestiality .

    We are what we are and there is nothing wrong with it as long as its consented by everyone we do it with.

    1. Just a guy

      If only people would answer to this :d

  36. Lolicon Lust

    This is a bit of a personal request but im sure plenty of people will like it if it can be done .
    Basically i would like a roughly 10 min long video of toddlercon being made love to by her 6 year old brother while she sleeps. which after he slowly fills her with cum and while shes sleeping her belly slowly fills up and rising so we can see it to which she wakes up and smiles cheekily before switching scene to the mother on her knees behind them watching while a nice dog has buried himself knot deep in her vagina . Naturally it would look better if cum could slowly be pouring out of her nice and thick not water thin like most bodged scenes .

    If this can be done id happily donate to the cause . <3
    Thank you for even reading this .

  37. Lolikorn

    Not work download in my country :'(

  38. Alexander

    I would like to see little girls peeing and other little girls watching

  39. James

    Needs more baby stuff. When I say baby, I mean infant. For instance, an infant daycare would be an excellent scenario. As for the toddlercon stuff, I feel like they are too old. It’s be great if they were still in diapers more often.

  40. Stuffy-dudes

    I want to find some software because I can’t seem to find any of the right stuff on here (I’m very picky!)

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi. Try DAZ3D. Want kind of stuff you what to see here?

  41. Chris B.

    I wanted to know if this was a safe website to download theses pics and vids?

    1. LoliAdmin

      This site is absolutely safe, enjoy.

  42. TheBard

    hello there. Do i need to have a premium account to download them?

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi, you need a Premium account to download premium files. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR), then select the most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

  43. Red

    Can you please add more black/ebony Lolis. You have tons of black/ebony men but few little in the way of black little girls/babies

  44. VR Lover

    Any possibility you could create VR versions of some of these videos? Eg Side-by-side MP4 files that can be played on Google Cardboard.

  45. Me

    little girls smoking before and after sex would be hot

  46. BigJake

    Though I had seen a couple, I’d like to see more black girls.

  47. BigJake

    Also, any chance of any cannibal art? I like seeing black tribes capturing white families, roasting the mother with her daughters.

  48. Just a guy

    Can you make some pictures from a series called “Non Non Biyori”? Havent seen any so far (Pictures of Komari plz). And also, thanks you for making all those 2D ones and the ones where are girls are cute af, keep making those packs thanks <3 (Yuuro 2 wouls be awesome, and Youkan and Crabman were also good)

    1. Just a guy

      Any info?

  49. justme

    There is a series called “Down the Rabbit Hole” I’d like to see.

  50. baloo

    Do skinny lesbian spitswapping stuff

  51. Gplaya

    i would love to see more toddlers getting up their asses and getting their mouths filled with cum…my personal request is that in the top of the front page we see Kari from Digimon… i would really really love to see her more… i would love to see double anal too <3

    1. Frank

      Definitely more toddlers getting ass-fucked and mouths stuffed with big cocks. 3D animations or videos of same would be outstanding.

  52. Mike

    Some Family Guy animation or pictures with Meg or Lois Griffin please and Madoc comix called “In Her Room” all parts please

  53. Just a guy

    Could you make some Touhou pictures, from Cirno, Sunny Milk, Luna Child and Star Sapphire? Please?

  54. Slmelma pitts

    I like the 3D gifs the best please more of those.

  55. Nidaleeishot

    How do I get full access to site so I can download? <3

    1. LoliAdmin

      You need a Premium account to download these files. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

      1. Nidaleeishot

        Aww rip I don’t have the money

  56. Alex

    would like to know how to download videos

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi. Just download zip archive then extract mp4 file and enjoy 😉

  57. Rudolfio

    Vinput Lolicon 3D Pack Vol. 4
    Is there also number 5? Could it be offered? Vinput is with the best thing there is.

  58. Gerard

    Could you please do more of The Last Of Her Kind With cum shots and please do some with Boys Being Edged and Begging for Premission to Cum. Thanks.

  59. 594810

    More toddler girls pulling panties down would be good

  60. Gerard

    The Last Of Her Kind With cum shots and please do some with Boys Being Edged. Thank You.

  61. leleventi

    please,big collection of bouba,machete,destijl,t3ridacna,

  62. phil roe

    Natalia and Barry from resident evil, if possible. 🙂 I know there is some on this site already, but if you are capable if finding more it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    Do you think that Vinput will post more in the future? His work is exquisite!


    More Vinput!


    How about the rest of Beating Off Bob’s story about young Lisa the “beginning model”?

  66. D

    How about some nepi content? Need more incest pregnancies and marriages too.

  67. Jordo

    Hi I would like peeing furry girl set

  68. Rikki

    Would like some furry loli^^

  69. John1980com

    Just want to sign up, but it won’t work?! So what do I have to do?!?

  70. bulgy

    Please more stuff of Artist “Waldo”!

  71. Ricky

    I wanna see a image(in 2D or 3D)showing Vampirella and Shanti(from the Jungle Book) ,soon after Vampi drink the Shanti’s blood. Both should be nude and Vampirella on top of Shanti.On the Vampi’s face,a great satisfaction,while the Shanti’s face show that she loved be fucked and bitten!

  72. Ricky

    I’d like see this scene:in a grassland,Vampirella are on top Joss Possible,biting the girl.Kinetic lines on the Vampi hips show that she are pumping while drink the loli’s blood.Joss roll the eyes,hug and wrap the vampiress hips with the legs.Near them,also nude like Vampi and Joss and with a pretty pleasure look on her face are Kim Possible,that already was attacked and drained.

  73. Liath

    It would be really helpful when you save the files to zip them INSIDE a folder rather than individual pictures only. Its a small step but it means we have to create a folder to keep each new download in every time as we go to save it and keep things separate and its just good zipping practice.

    otherwise keep up the good work!

  74. Ricky

    I’d like see busty vampiress biting pretty lolis and cute little girls,with their young victims enjoying the attack!

  75. Fhantom

    Hello! Will the loli manga be added to the site?

    1. LoliAdmin

      Hi. Will be added soon.

  76. Sara

    El Secreto 3D Shotacon-Lolicon Collection Vol. 81 only links to filespace.The mirror link to upstore doesn’t take one to upstore.

  77. Smity35

    Cute little blonde girls with cum pouring out!

  78. DONKEYDUDE1010

    Can get more small girls doing anal, more cum facials too please….

    1. LoliAdmin

      Well, we will try to fulfill your request

  79. DONKEYDUDE1010

    Also is there videos of tiny girls getting gangbanged?? If not can you add some??

  80. David

    would love to see more public or public car dad/daughter

    1. LoliAdmin

      Ok, look for it in future builds El Secreto

  81. LizardGod

    who the author of this animation, on the site did not find. ” A Boy & Girl Make Love.swf”

  82. queteimporta

    this is porn

  83. david


  84. Arg

    Hi, where’s volume 7 of vault girls couldn’t find it when I went to complete my collection 😛

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