May 21

Supertigre Shotacon-Lolicon 3D Comix

HO 039

058 067 HO 056

Very hot 3D comix series lolicon-shotacon includes three works by author Supertigre. 1. Hideout – little boy masturbates alone in his house to play, but one day his girlfriend to his virgin comes, they are together watching porn magazines, and then pulls off the boy passionately underwear with the girl and fucks her. 2. Tessa and Josh – sister spying on her brother while masturbating, her brother says and scolds, but the girl was so excited that he wants to get his cock at all costs. 3. Unusual Birthday – a caring mom arranges for the son of the holiday, and invited his girlfriends, it leaves them in a unified and does not know that the holiday turns into an orgy!

Type: lolicon-shotacon 3D comix | Author: Supertigre | 224 pages


  1. Chris

    Really excellent selection of three stories, each with many pictures telling a proper story. I hope that there is a continuation of the third story, ‘Unusual birthday’, as it stopped before things got really hot.

  2. bopop

    Tom’s right, Tina is pretty, but Tom;s dick looks delicious.

  3. nepifan

    daddy should have demonstrated what she saw in the book

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